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Set Up a Recurring Donation

A monthly recurring donation is an incredible way to support STC. It allows us to plan ahead and think strategically since we know what we can expect from month to month. Click HERE to donate. 

Make a One-Time Donation

Every bit helps. And since STC is a 501(c)3 federal not-for-profit, every dollar you donate is tax-deductible! Click HERE to donate.

Sponsor a Specific Need

A busy theatre company like us always has a wish-list! Send an email to info@streettheatrecompany.org if you think you can help. This includes things like:

LED Lights

New Lighting Software

New Computer

New Tablet

Microphone and Audio Cables

Piano or Digital Piano

Music Stands

Stand Lights

Donate Used Clothes or Objects for Props and Costumes

we're always happy to take old clothes or other items off your hands. Who knows, maybe you'll see your old Blue shirt in the next show! We can also create a receipt for tax purposes.

Become a Producer

We're looking for some mega-supporters to actually help us produce a show. For a one-time donation of $2,000 or more, a Producer will be listed above the title for one of our mainstage shows. This kind of support could really allow us to broaden our production values and to strengthen our already high-quality productions.

Buy an Ad in Our Program

Do you own a company here in Nashville? Our shows are attended by people who care about the arts and are likely to support companies who support the arts they care about! Click here for more inFo!



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Colby Block   Jared & Judy Book   Lois Conley   Keith Cromwell   Delek Fund for Hope   Felix Eckhardt   Russ Evers   Maria Garner   Gorrie Family   John Gregory   Benjamin Hagler   Paul & Mary Harvey   Beth Henderson   Dan & LaDarra Jackel  Jaime Janiszewski   David & Sarah Keiser   Mike McAllister   Tony McLarty   Jessica Miller   Teresa Oduor   Jim Robert & Gary Stewart   Lance & Megan Roggendorff   Kyle Rybezyk  Trisha Pena   John & Mary Sabo   Rob & Layne Sasser   Robyn Saunders   Celia Schaefer   Robert Sikorski Steve Sirls & Allen DaCuyper   Bonnie & Corey Slovis   Robert Spessard   Andrew Stevens   Marcia & Lee Stewart   Ted Swingley   Jason Tucker & Amanda Elend    Amanda Van Doorn   Robert Vaughan   James & Mary Vavra   Galla Williams

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Michael Abel   Diane Arabian & Ben Butterworth   Kaul Bluestone   Shannon Braithwaite   Ann Marie Brown   Ann Marie Brush   Kyla Buchanan   Ed & Melissa Butler   Taylor Chew   Phil Cobucci   Paul Cook   Keith Covington   Randy Craft   Lawanna Demetrius   Derick Dishner   Ed & Beverly Elend   Lee Emerson   Jane & Richard Eskind & Family Foundation   Diane Fashing   Kathleen Glaser   Jill Gravatte   Arlis Green   Erica Haines   Kim Hanchek   Walter Hauk   George Houk   Jeff & Kathy Jacobson   Angela Madaline-Johnson & Mike Johnson   Austin Jones   Lisa Kammerud   Loren Kirkpatrick   Christina Kretchik   Ray Langton   Shirlee Lattier   Heather Lefkowitz   Jessica Lillard   Stephen Lilly   Cliff Lippard   John Logan   Timothy Logan   Joe Lopez   Clinton Lyle   Marilyn Manno   Nick Meurrier   Mr & Mrs John Minnifield   Stephanie Miserocchi   Hunter Moore   Kyle Mothershed   Micah & Mallory Mundy   Lee Lindsy Nolen   Anita Pearson   Corey Perry   Bryan Pieper   Magan Quintana   Helen Ralston   Quin ratcliff   Dorothy Robinson   Lauren Roman   Mary Rosenthal   Matt & Kelly Scelza   Carolyn Spears   Steven Steele   Scott Stewart   JJ & Cathy Street   Kevin Teets   Janet Tucker   Laurence Tucker   John & Julia Wilburn   Mason Worthington   Lane Wright   

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Lee Druce   Event Audio   Google   Heavenly Perspective Photography   My Emma   Salama Urban Ministries   Steven Steele   JJ Street   Chad Tipler & Walker Lumber   Tulip Street UMC   West End UMC   Holy Trinity Community Church   Wyatt, Tarrand & Combs, LLP