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ClassAct Dramatics announces auditions for its fall youth production, LAST QUEEN OF WONDERLAND by Jeremy Sony, for ages 7 to 18 on Saturday, August 29th, 10am-2pm at Tulip Street United Methodist Church, 518 Russell St Nashville 37206 (left side entrance).

Click here to sign up for an audition time.

Prepare a short monologue, story, or poem no more than two minutes. You may be asked to read from the script.

Rehearsals will begin September 14th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm Monday thru Thursday with possible Saturday mornings if needed.  Performances  are October 16-24, Fridays at 7pm and Saturdays at 2pm & 7pm.  If cast, there is a participation fee of $150 (scholarships may be available based on financial need).  Rehearsals will be held at Tulip Street United Methodist and Bailey Middle School, and all performances will be held at the Bailey School.

Please email with any questions. 


One hundred and fifty years after Lewis Carroll wrote about Wonderland, a young woman named Lacie discovers an impossible family secret: it's all real. And even curiouser, she may be Alice herself. She travels to Wonderland, books in tow as her guide, in search of her sister who disappeared years ago. There, she meets a teenage boy named Charlie who's been imprisoned by the Queen of Hearts. When she realizes that Charlie grows up to be Lewis Carroll, it's clear that the laws of our world no longer apply. Now, Lacie must rescue Charlie and her sister, and find a way for all of them to escape through the looking glass back to where they belong. Otherwise, Charlie may never grow up to write the books, and without the clues they hold, Lacie and her sister may get trapped in Wonderland forever.

Lacie --- (F) Teenage girl from present day. Fairly smart. Sometimes impulsive. A good person who will be tempted to do bad things to protect her family.

Charlie --- (M) Teenage boy from 1850 London. Thinks he's the smartest thing ever, not as brave as he could be. But loyal to his promises.

Rabbit/Harry --- (M) The White Rabbit from Wonderland. Nervous, quick, fearful of the Queen; has a good heart. Someone who did some bad stuff in the past and is trying to make it right.

Hattie --- (F) The Mad Hatter; and Lacie's missing sister. She's gone mad from being trapped in this place. She's confused, but not dumb.  

The March Hare --- (M or F) Hattie's only friend in Wonderland. Fond of manners, distrusting of strangers.

Queen of Hearts --- (F) The current queen of Wonderland. She loves power. Rules with an iron fist. Nice as can be... if she likes you; otherwise it's "off with your head." Will not tolerate disobedience.

Cheshire Cat --- (M or F) Mischievous, aloof, and mysterious. Appears now and then along the journey as a guide, though not always a helpful one. Can't be sure whose side the Cheshire Cat is really on. 

The White Queen --- (F) One of the former queens of Wonderland; the oldest. She's wise, whimsical, and can remember the future.

The Red Queen --- (F) Former queens of Wonderland; lost her throne in the last war of Wonderland. She is feisty, calculating.

The Red King (M) --- Spirted. Good with a sword.

The White King (M) --- Jovial. The diplomat.

The Caterpillar --- An intellectual. old and mean, a reluctant help.

The Red Knight --- A soldier. Former knight to the Red Queen, defected to the Queen of Hearts when she took power.

Tweedledum --- Twin to Tweedledee. Childlike; everything is a game.

Tweeledee --- Twin to Tweedledum. Very much like Tweedledum; they're kind of one person split in two.

The Walrus --- a traveling salesperson.

The Carpenter --- a con-artist.

The Lion --- Loyal to the Queen of Hearts.

The Unicorn --- Loyal to the Red and White Queens.



Street Theatre Company will be holding auditions for the musical BAT BOY on Saturday, September 5th, 10am-4pm with potential callbacks on Tuesday, September 8th. Auditions will be held at Bailey Middle School, 2000 Greenwood Ave, Nashville, TN 37206.

Please bring your headshot and resume and prepare a 16 bar cut in the appropriate show style.  Bring sheet music in appropriate key (an accompanist will be provided-no CD’s please).  Please be prepared to provide weekend and evening availability from October 4th – November 22nd.  Performances are November 6-22. 

All ethnicities are encouraged. Auditions are by appointment only.  Please email with any questions and to schedule an appointment.

Bat Boy is directed by Cathy Street and musical directed by Rollie Mains.  It is rated R for adult content and language. 

In this rock ‘n’ roll cult classic, a supernatural half bat/half boy discovered in a cave in West Virginia attempts to integrate into a narrow-minded town. He tries to fit in, but happiness is shattered as the town hears the shocking story of Batboy’s unholy origin.

BAT BOY: Late Teens - Early 20s, Vocal Range: Tenor

MEREDITH PARKER: Stage Age: 30's - 50's, Vocal Range: Mezzo

DR. PARKER: Stage Age: 30's - 50's, Vocal Range: Tenor

SHELLEY PARKER: Stage Age: Late Teens – Early 20's, Vocal Range: Soprano

SHERIFF REYNOLDS: Stage Age: 30-60, Vocal Range: Tenor

FIVE supporting actors who will play multiple featured characters.



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